Decrease in TCO as the main value proposition

One of the company’s principles is to reduce the total cost of ownership (TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP TCO) for its customers. This concept analyzes all costs linked to the life cycle of a product and not only the cost of acquisition. On further analysis, we can conclude that the majority of the costs of a product are not represented only by its cost of acquisition.

Purchase price

The visible cost generally represents only 15% of the total cost of ownership.

Indirect costs

The invisible cost generally represents 85% of the total cost of ownership, and includes the following aspects:

  • Purchases
  • Quality Control
  • Overhead and indirect
  • Engineering
  • Energy and inputs
  • Logistics and Handling
  • Working capital
  • Training and Support
  • Maintenance of fixed assets
  • Assembly

In our view, we believe that the total acquisition cost can be reduced considerably with outsourcing. The experience of years in the market leads us to understand that there is a virtuous cycle in the practice of specializing the activities of a company. In this sense, Santis specializes in stamping solutions for electrical contacts with welded material, being able to considerably reduce the TCO of our customers with professional management, investment in technology, constant improvement and technical capacity.

  • Applied technology

    Serving several clients with stamping solutions, we dilute the cost of investing in technology, investments that often would not make sense in an internalized operation of a company.

  • Best Practices

    Through research and development and technical training of employees, we were able to accumulate and manage the knowledge necessary for the development and improvement of best practices.

  • Professional management

    With financial controls, professional strategic management, performance management and professional planning, the company manages to become more competitive, extracting the maximum potential from its assets, which results in gains in scale and efficiency.

  • Inventory management

    With a long-standing relationship with the main suppliers of raw materials, Santis has the capacity to make purchases and manage inventory more assertively, with negotiations that result in lower costs for clients.